About Rice

The history of Rice is as old as mankind, but probably not older than 2,800 B.C. as known to the historians. Today, rice is the most vital food crop in the world and a staple food for more than a half of the world's population. Rice is heavily cultivated in 89 countries around the world with a yield of nearly 500 million metric tons.

Pakistan is the fastest growing rice-producing nation in Asia. Rice is used on all occasions in Pakistan: festive, mournful, and religious and in ordinary routine life. No banquet is considered complete in Pakistan without rice on its menu.

Rice grain botanically known as “oryza stiva“. Rice, being the most enriched food grain, is grown all over the world. Rice has been found to be very easy to digest, high in starch and a high nutritional food consisting of the following ingredients:-

Nutritional value per 100 grams ( Energy 350 Calories )
1. Protein 6.4 grams
2. Carbohydrates 79 grams
3. Dietary Fiber 2.4 grams
4. Fat 0.4 grams
5. Calcium 09 ml grams
6. Iron 04 ml grams
7. Thiamine 0.21 ml grams
8. Riboflavin 0.05 ml grams
9. Niacin 03.8 ml grams

Rice is very labor-intensive and requires plenty of water for cultivation; hence it is well suited to countries and regions with low labor costs and high rainfall. Practically rice can be grown anywhere, even on a steep hill or mountain.

Iqra Trading Co. exports one of nature’s finest products, Super Kernal Basmati, which draws its unique aroma and taste from the special soil & climate conditions found only in the mighty, misty mountain ranges called the HIMALAYAS. The grains of this aromatic basmati rice are extra long in length and come out even longer after cooking. The peculiar strong basmati aroma and nutty flavor is liked all over the world by quality lovers having the preference for great quality and grand flavor.